"Perhaps they recognized emotions we have, such as affection, devotion and loyalty, and found a way to exploit them."

Mankind has been at war with the Kesvek for over forty years. Nearly indestructible, relentless in battle, and unwilling to negotiate, the reptiles constantly push forward, conquering planet after planet. Humans can do little but hold them back.

A kesvek was nearly indestructible, even without his armor. The reptiles carried no weapons and advanced as a single wall of solid scale and brute muscle.

The human race knows very little about their enemy.

"We call the Kesvek demons, accuse them of things they wouldn't do and call it righteous to slaughter them. Righteous hate. God's will. Moral bullshit."

The Kesvek plan to change that.

"Charity, honor, loyalty, friendship. None of it could bring humanity together. What did it? Hate. Hate united us."

There is much to learn, and the Kesvek are willing to teach, so long as humans survive the process. Humanity will discover exactly what caused the conflict, and what is required for peace.

"Instead of trying to meet us where we are, you're going to annihilate us anyway."

Inevitably, with such vast differences between the species, one culture must swallow the other.

"I didn't need God to get out of Hell!"


by James L. Steele

published by Argyll Productions

cover art by Purplepardus

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